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I don't do a yard haunt but really a haunted house

It's in the back yard so I will be building props, coming up with design layouts, purchasing all necessary items before actually setting anything out until mid month.

I can't wait for a few years down the road when I am just tweaking an existing setup rather than coming up with a newly doubled effort compared to last year.

Oh, and I have to build the 20x38 canopy frame starting next week when I pick up the steel tubing. So I have alot ahead of me for sure, that's why I am concentrating on props, design and supplies right now.

Does anyone have to worry about theft? I noticed that Wormy said Security cameras. So far my small community is really respectable since I have left garage door open plenty of times overnight and nothing has come up missing. (That's really why we moved to a smaller town) However, with half of a garage full of Halloween supplies, would I really notice anything missing? :rolleyes:
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