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Appropriate number of graves?

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i think im really lacking in my graveyard. i have like 9 graves i think and my yard is like 60' by 40'. i was thinking myabe 30 more since i have about $250 sitting in the haunt fund, but I dont want to overkill the graves with too many. and if i did make too many i could just not put some out but i dont wanna waste cash.

estimations of how many to make anyone?
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The amount of headstones (graves) is determined by the amount of space you want to dedicate to cemetery use. I doubt that in the future you'll be wanting to use all of that space for just a cemetery. Figure on each grave taking up the same space as a normal coffin. About 4'x7'.
So much of this stuff is a "up to you" thing. My suggestion would be, if you think it looks to few then make a few more for this coming season, maybe 10 or 15.
Don't blow the budget on stones, I am sure there will be other things that you just have to get. As far as the tombstones go try adding various shapes and sizes, pilars with statues on them, or maybe a crypt. Look around and see what you like an start a picture file for up coming projects.
I guess my main point is that most haunts grow over the years and don't just pop up full size all at once. Take your time and let your haunt grow as your own skills grow
hmm those are some good points, 10 or 15 does sound good if i think about size of caskets and probably expanding from more than a graveyard

I think it is as many as you think looks good!
I don't remember who did this but they said they added extra shrubs and stuff also, which i plan on doing this yr also
One thing that I really like about Zombie's graveyard is that it has a bunch of different kinds of graves and it looks different. It also looks really good because none of it is overkill. I think graveyards start losing their effect once they start looking like Arlington National Cemetary (from a halloween view point that is). Try putting some time/money into some figures, like a graverobber with a shovel or something, or coffins and other stuff. It looks cool to have a big graveyard, just make sure it doesn't start getting monotonus. Plus being creative with it is all the fun!
To add to the size of my graveyard, I made 4 or 5 wooden crosses. The cost was almost nothing. Some scrap wood, couple of drywall screws and some old spray paint. It really made a difference......
Another key point, is that cemeteries can't afford to waste space. They are often in amongst communities, and are using up valuable property. Empty space between graves is just NOT done. Better to have a realistic looking graveyard taking up a small section of your yard, than having it spread out too thinly.
ight so im thinking like 3 rows of say 5 in each close together and the rows about 6 feet apart

sounds cool thanks
I also have a huge area for my "cemetery", I have about 15 or so various headstones, but as "filler" I have a horse-drawn hearse, couple of artificial trees and large planter urns.
Go for a few more gravemarkers. Think about a real graveyard where they are layed out age wise and consider that in your design.

Define the graveyard with fencing and gates. Make it look ominous and unpleasant to enter and then make the ToT's have to go thru' it to get to the candy!
It mostly depends on what look you want.
If you want "realizm" check and old cemtery for measurements,lighting is going to be a factor too. I've always used blue lighting to to cast moon glow and great shadows if put high enough into trees. Broken stones can add some age to your set as well.
Make it look ominous and unpleasant to enter and then make the ToT's have to go thru' it to get to the candy!
That is priceless! A great idea, but if we did that at our haunt, I'd expect not to give out much candy at all.:(
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