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April Meeting

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OK, I started it. Let's start filling in available dates and project ideas.
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I'm available any weekend. Keep in mind that Easter is April 24th.
If the weather is still going to be cold - I vote for any project that can be done indoors.
I'm OK for any weekend.

Maybe we can just plan for future gatherings to be "the first Saturday" or "the second Saturday" etc - of every month and then fine tune as need be.

And I hate to be a broken record...... but did we want to do May's MNT at my house?
Sorry to hear about your dad, Jay. My prayers are with you all.
OH NO!! Not my Kenny!! Big hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery.

You know.... if he's still in the hospital, we can have the Make and Take there. They have lots of cool stuff we can play with.

So are we skipping April all together? Did you want to have May's at my house?
Pattie - you should just ask to have the bed next to Kenny and take it easy.

Greg - it's great that you offered your abode for the Make and Take, but we have some issues of our own here and we have to pass this month. :(
So happy to hear that Kenny's home!! There's nothing like being home after being poked and prodded in the hospital. (we won't even mention hospital food). Take it easy Kenny and get better soon!!
1 - 6 of 155 Posts
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