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April Meeting

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OK, I started it. Let's start filling in available dates and project ideas.
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Every weekend looks available on my schedule, but you know it wouldn't be interesting if I didn't start changing things around as it gets closer! :) As for the project I vote inside project because it doesn't look like it is warming up anytime soon. I vote for doing Greg's hand peg board project. That looked pretty cool! Also does anyone have one of those long tree hand saws? I want to try to cut that big piece of foam in half.

PS. Can we have an easter egg hunt? I will get the plastic eggs and some items to put into them. Maybe if I can find an item laying around the house that I won't be able to use I could use it as a prize. Just a thought!
YAY...easter egg hunt! Thanks Noah for checking for prizes. I'm sure I will be able to donate a couple of items for prizes. Anyone else that would like to donate prizes than please let me know. I will hide the eggs, so I guess that means I have to arrive early! Yikes! If the weather is decent I would like to go to the flea market. Anyway I guess it would help to figure out the date first, so I will be patient and wait to see what date we pick!
Yes Pattie the number system works out great! We will see how many prizes we can gather up and that will determine how many eggs we hide. Maybe I will come up this Friday and check out that rummage sale. That way I will give you some dud prizes to throw in some of the eggs while I am there. I guess if you hide the eggs than I can participate? Maybe you can get one of your kids to hide the eggs so you can participate also? Anyway let me know if that works out for you?
Also, id still be for doing video effects that can be used as projections or peppers ghosts. We can shoot the video, I can edit and add effects and make personal dvds for everyone to use.
This sound interesting! I would love to do this! :) Oh and by the way you know your first birthday with the group we get to throw you in the pool! You better hope it gets warmer! hee...hee!
I think the pepper ghost and the make up tutorial would be a great indoor project. I have a make up kit I could bring and I could show how I do some scars and wounds. I've seen Elaine's make up work and I'm sure she can give some tips and apply make up for the project. I would love to see what tips Jeff could show us or anyone else from the group. Oh and how cool would it be to have a bunch of zombies/ghost running around Pattie's yard looking for easter eggs!
I don't want a motion detector for my grave grabber because I will also be having it on continuously. Also we did the motion detector last year, so I think I will be working on another project if we do that. I know we have a lot of new people that didn't get a chance to learn that so it would most likely be a good project for most.
April 23rd works for me! :) Hmmm...a special egg...huh??? So what you are saying is that you have a rotten egg waiting for me and your hiding it in your neighbors toilet??? If that is the case than don't think I am going to bob for the rotten egg! Do you need me to get the plastic eggs or do you have them? I will be going through some of my things this weekend to see what I can have for prizes!
Oh and I still vote for the make up tutorial, pepper ghost project and when we are in zombie make up help Greg out with his project! Kill three birds with one stone! I still would love to see a bunch of zombies looking for easter eggs! That would be classic!! Oh and Hey Bob..hopefully we will see you at this meeting!
Thanks Greg! I can always bring my stalkaround costume back, so you can check it out. I think Joe (hppropman) mentioned that he wanted to wear it during the Easter egg hunt??? Anyway Jay I hope you can work out your schedule to make it to the next meeting. So how about the rest of the group does April 23rd work out?
Yeah, yeah, we like you...there, we said it. Now can we get this love fest over with before we all start breaking out into a chorus of "I love you, you love me..we're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you...":sick: :sick:

Did we decide on a date...that's all I need to know...LOL.
Someone didn't get their coffee today!!!! :eek:
I guess we can't do the make up tutorial because that would be better to do when Jay is at the meeting. I figure we could work on your project when we have a few people in Zombie make up. Anyway I don't care if we make hands, but if we do I definitely want to make that board that you made Greg.
Jay I'm so sorry to hear that your dad had a heart attack. I wish him the best and a speedy recovery! Please keep us posted of how he is doing and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask.
Wake up you slackers, no posts here in almost three days ?????????????????????
Wow you crawl out from under a rock and we are the slackers???? Hey how about this beautiful weather??? LOL...I'm thinking we will be definitely be working inside if the weather feels like today!
Noah Fentz you did an excellent job on your wig head! I will definitely be going to the flea market. I will also be arriving early to hide the easter eggs with Pattie. I want to make the hand jig and I will start the hands, but most likely will not finish them because I feel like taking it easy this Make and Take. :) So more drinking!
Keep us updated Patte! So sorry to hear that Kenny was in a car accident, but glad he is not hurt!
Yikes Pattie...I hope your back is alright? Anyway if you need anything please call! As for the meeting at Greg's that would be fine, but it depends how many people will show? I don't have a problem having it at my house, but this Saturday wouldn't give me enough time to prepare. Anyway lets see how many people will be able to go to Greg's house for the meeting?!?!?
Thanks for offering your house Greg. I guess we will just have to reschedule. I can't attend the meeting May 7th because I want to attend the NHC. I should be available any weekend after that. I know Elaine wanted to host the meeting at her house, so please lets try to get this meeting scheduled as soon as possible if we are going to have it for a few days. I'm thinking this would be a good time to experiment with Monster Mud.
Pattie you didn't cause a mess??? It is no big deal because we will just reschedule. You just worry about looking out for Kenny. I can't believe that you have to wait to get the next test. Anyway continue to keep us posted. I would like to call you, but I know you are very busy. Please tell Kenny we love him and we will be looking forward to harassing him very soon! :)
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