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April Meeting

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OK, I started it. Let's start filling in available dates and project ideas.
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There was a great tutorial on an obilisk a few years back. It was SUper detailed instructions. The guy wasexceptionally anal about measurments, so the tutorial is SUPURB. I Built 3 of 'em. Messed the first one up so I used it for other applications. BUT the cool part is they break down into two separate pieces that can easily be transported in a small car. I'll have to find the link.

That Grave escape does have great movement. I'd be up for many of the things that have been discussed so far as our next project
I like all of the Ideas comming in so far.

Here's the link to the obelisk that I was talking about. Rich mentioned he'd like to build one. Obelisk .

This is a great tutorial. Very complete with accurate measurements etc. It could be done at a MnT since it will be pinned together as the glue dries, enableing us to take it home after only a few hours of dry time (Dinner?).

Obelisks are a GREAT addition to any graveyard since it adds some height to your cemetary, which adds a lot of dimension and realsm.

I also like any shiatsu prop for a build.

I would also love to demonstrate my wire hand technique which would only take 2-3 hours for everyone to build, including the latex (a morning project so it can dry?).

As far as a video project??? I've been talking with Sharon for a few months about doing a fake newscast for my Mine disaster/ Mutant mist theme. Since we apparently have talented video editors, I'd love to talk with Jay (lite) and Sharon about this. What I originally envisioned would be SUPER simple for a skilled video editor to accomplish, BUT, some group participation could take it to the next level. When is that Zombie walk again??
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What do you have in mind for your video? Can you list it on here or pm me so I can get a better idea? Id luke to put some thought to it. I am already working in video and audio.clips for.my dark csrnuval this year and would like to add your video to my to do list. If there are specific visuals, effects or audio you need I can start to complie a list of files I may already have that could work for your video.
Although I don't see this as a group project per sey, there could be a strong group infuence and/or partcipation if anyone is interested.

This is actually a combo of a fake newscast (video) and a live actor (after the video)

Here's what I want as a fake newscast video to start the scene.

1) Start with Static: You know the old UHF type snowball static and sound from 25 years ago.

2) Mix in about 3 seconds of horizontal static here and there (Like the picture is trying to come in) along with some zapping and pops (sounds) like the picture is trying to come in.

3) Through the static which ebs and flows throughout the broadcast, you can begin to make out some shapes and you recognize that this is a news broadcast. Underneath in the scroll area, for a second you can clearly see the headline "MINE DISASTER IN HIGH BRIDGE". and "TOXIC GAS RELEASED" You can barely see and hear the news woman saying "This just in.... High Bridge is the scene of a deadly and mysterious mine disaster with toxic fumes at the old Iron mines on the north side of town. This disaster is a direct result of secret and Illegal mining operations the Mayor said". (Static fades in and out like the power is failing).

She continues, "Federal authorities have quarrantined the entire town due to the reports that a deadly gas of unknown origin has been released". " Originally used to make iron cannonballs in the 1800's, The mine was just recently reopened by a company called Quimby Research, a Biotech company, claiming that they had discovered some unusual minerals that could be worth Billions" "There have been reports of some highly unusual activities....(STATIC)........ "No one will be allowed to enter or leave town untill".....(Static).....There have been widespread reports of pandamonium.....(More static) "as strange creatures have been sighted near"......(Static)

One last time you BARELY see the newswoman (The scene then goes to complete Static just as you hear a female blood curdling scream)....

Then, Go to "End of broadcast day" symbol.. with static.....

Then go completely to static for another 10 seconds

Loop the entire thing.

While the static is looping, waiting to play from the beginning again, a light will come on revealing a Live actor in what looks like a white Lab tech robe with his back to you. He's hunched over facing away from you, Flailing his hands in anger, saying things like, "I can't believe that they went ahead and did it!!. THOSE GREEDY bastards!!! They're going to kill everyone. I TOLD THEM NOT TO DO THIS!!!! DON"T GO IN THERE!!! I Beg You!! Your Risking your LIVES!!!! As he says this, he turns around revealing that half his face is normal and the other half is GROSSLY Mutated! Lastly he says "You'll all Die"

The light goes dark.

End of Scene Combo

Repeat all night

My original thought about how to do this would be to get video clips of some small town-second rate news broadcast as base footage. Since I WANT a lot of static, the fact that you can't really see much will help us dub in our own vocals for the newscast.

There is a lot more that I could do with this, but quite simply I don't want an elaborate production. The Video would just be a GREAT Introduction and would (hopefully) automatically space the crowd out a little bit as those who are curious will watch Both the Broadcast AND the live actor.

Also, Instead of a loop, I might have the actor trigger the scene each time, so we can have it coordinated with the ebb and flow of ToTers and "rents"

PS: I probably wouldn't bring the actor in untill it got darker and most of the "little" tots have cycled through.
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The Obelisk would take 1 full build day to complete the basic construction. However to have an effective obelisk you will need to "Finish" it with some wood putty and joint compound and possibly a nice paint job. That would take a second full meeting. Our group is Great at getting (any) basic project done, but to this date (even looking at Jeff's archives) I can't recall our group ever totally finishing an actual project to completion. It would be NICE to do so. Details are sometimes key and it'd be nice to focus on something that we can build to FULL Completion (including details, weathering, paint etc).

Most of us complete our props at home which is fine, But I think a lot of great techniques could be learned by watching how others finish things. Just my 2.5 cents.

In that spirit, I'm thinking we should complete our grabbers. Make the hands, get the cloth on, Aged, and get the bases painted. Don't forget Lube (Easy Ken!!!). We might still have time for the make-up tutorial at lunchtime (1pm-ish)

Other than that I'm also game for everything that was mentioned previously for our April Project.
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what about completing the grave grabbers with a motion sensor and sound (spot light or wall switch sensor) we can run a sound loop and when the motion sensor trips the grave grabber starts to move a light comes on the the speakers get power so that you can hear "Brains Brains I must have your Brains" Or something like that. or maybe just zombie grunting. The weekend of the 17 I am camping so no good for me that weekend.

like these:

I would LOVE to do this build, but not for the grabber we just built. The motion is already slow and I plan on having mine "on" all night. BUT I have another prop in mind that I'd LOVE to activate with a motion detector including lights and sound.

Wwould we be ordering a MP3 type soundboard??
Hey guys..i am sure Rich will say I am leading us off ony a tangent now but I wanted to ask the group this first and see what our handy men could suggest.

My haunt this year is a dark carnival theme. One prop im building is a life size zoltar fortune teller head but I would like to add a vertical up and down movement to the lower jaw. I figured that maybe I could use a deer motor to do this but how can I make a linkage that attaches to the motor and the jaw that will make it move up and down and not in an arching motion?
Jay (lite),

Check out this website, it describes a bunch of basic mechanisms to create a ton of different movements.

Animation of mechanical devices.

You and Rich can both get the motion you desire. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to ask.
That's great! I have the components ready to go. Maybe this will be my upcoming vacation project.
Welcome to our neck of the woods Halstaff, Perhaps one day you can make the short 3200 mile trek to hang out at one of our MnT's :)
I posted video of the March meeting. It is in the March thread.
Sharon, Your editing skills are BAR NONE. You have impeccable timing and intuition... It flowed magnificently. I loved every aspect of it, even the kids B-day party. SO FUn to watch :) AND I finally got to see your stalkabout in its full glory.... I was SO Torn as I was still helping others with the Gravegrabber... I felt cheated as I really wanted to experiance it LIVE... but your video skills brought it close to life... BUT I still wanted to interact with that magnificent animated creature in person.

FRIGHTGUY April is a tough month for me. I have my bday this coming weekend on the 10th, my grandmothers on the 16th and parties on both the 23 & 24th. Might have to miss this one. If anyone wants to do the peppers ghost project let me know. Is anyone really unfamiliar with how to do this illusion? I think this would be a fairly simple and quick tutorial rather than an involved build so we would need another project to tie in with it.
Ummmm You're gonna have to give up a few ot those "Normal" parties to party with the big boys dude LOL... March was party Central for you and Now April too???? Damn....
I have a suggestion for Future MnT's. We should sit down and decide the meeting dates for the rest of this ENTIRE year. Once we do that we all can plan to "party" or "help friends" or assist the Gov't on the other weekends of the month. Since we don't have a "Leader" per say, the democratic method of deciding dates month to month seems to leave Out more people than it brings in.

Although Future meeting dates could be changed in dire circumstances, at least we all could try to plan around a long term schedule. Any input on this Idea???
Damn you Halloween people I cant make the 23rd. I'm going down to Florida to move my wife's sister back to NJ and Ill be driving back Friday night at 3AM. I am really interested in the peppers ghost project you guys built although I am late to make this project with the group does anyone have a parts list and a how to? The version the group made seemed a lot easier and more light weight then other versions I have seen which is perfect for my haunt. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a meeting date change.... :jol:
Bob, Did you mean the One Armed Grave Grabber that we built last meeting??? Or the proposed Peppers Ghost effect which Frightguy mentioned as a possable project for this Upcomming meeting?? If you meant the One armed Grave grabber, Then you can read the first page of last months thread. All the parts are listed on the first page as well as a video of the project. I also have some premade parts leftover.

FYI, The Peppers Ghost effect involves a video (TV?) of a Ghost and some glass to create an illusion of a floating ghost in a picture frame or window.
Wow, No new posts since YESTERDAY??? I'm Flabberghasted... So The date is the 23rd?? And what is our project?? We only have two weeks till we meet and if we're doing a project we should decide on it VERY SOON!!!!
Ok, WHy don't we make some hands "Greg Style". We can make Jigs as well. Since that won't take a whole meeting, We'll have time to help Rich get his geometry right on his Grabber and maybe do some finishing touches. It might be nice to have a "Light" workload since we really should discuss a few things as a group. Amongst the topics will be our next project (June), and a regular and consistant schedule for the entire year.
So I guess we're making hands for our grabbers.

TO make the skeleton style hand(s) you'll need:

1/8" ceiling wire
Good quality duct tape, preferably 3" or wider
Mold Latex (Michals art store, 40% off with weekly coupon)
1" chip brushes or small throw-away paint brushes
Cheap plastic sculpting tools (Kit Around $2.99 at Michaels art store)
wire cutters (*****)
Needle nose vise grips
Black, Brown, and/or white spray paint (Add red or green paint for a particularly gross hand)
Paper towels
Newspaper to work on.

To make a hand Jig (optional), you'll need
12" section of 2 X 10, or 2 X 12
3' section of 3/16th round Rod (DON'T buy the shiny stuff, the dark stuff is a little thicker)
3/16ths drill bit
Sharpie or pencil
Grinder wikth a cut-off wheel Or a sawz-all.
Vise (I'll bring mine, Ken can you bring yours again??)

We could use a few extra tables to work on. TV style tables would probably be good enough.

If we make the hands in the morning, and the weather is warm enough, the hands should be OK to transport by dinner time. There should be enough time for another (Small) demonstration or project, and a meeting to (hopefully) set a more consistant schedule and choose our next project.

If I forgot anything I'll edit this post, so check back before we get together.
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So this could be a very small and intimate meeting...... Naked polar club swimming with a teenage style pizza party?????? Add a little (or a lot) of alcohol and who knows what project we'll be working on.... probably not world peace....looking '
Keep us posted on Kenny, You know we ALL Love both of you. It sounds like he's OK, but the light headed thing has me concerned. Besides you don't really need any extra props.

As far as our meeting?? How does everyone feel about having one?? As long as Ken is OK and has a good prognosis, there isn't any reason to cancel. ( I hope I don't sound Insensitive, I care deeply for Patty and Ken).

I could volunteer to host, but I'd have to do a Major cleaning job and I quite simply won't have time before Saturday. But if people aren't allergic to dogs and Don't mind dust bunnys (Dog hair) with a mind and personality of thier own I'll, volunteer. I do have a covered carport that could host 15 people in the event of rain. I also have a nice size deck and two Easy-up Canope's.

If Sharon want's to host, that's Cool too. I'd love to see that "Bedroom arm".

As far as the May meeting, If it's at Sharp's Place, I probably won't be able to attend. I haven't touched a prop in two weeks due to my busy season kidcking into overdrive. Busy is GOOD, but makes it hard to do an overnighter. I'd love to go but I just can see it happening for me until July or August.

How does everyone else feel??? Trundle ahead and keep our glorious group marching forward?? Or Bail out and add another month to our Extended winter break??

I'm for Marching forward with Ken and Patty in our thoughts :)
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If we are to have it though, I think it does need to be somewhere that we can work if it rains, since that's the forecast. So your carport would be helpful. I'd volunteer if it was going to be sunny, since my yard could handle everyone, though I think the little lady might freak if we all descended inside.

With just one day before the meet, PMing everyone a new address and such might be a pain and more scrambling than it's worth. So as much as I want to hang with you guys maybe waiting for the May meeting, but making it earlier in the month perhaps rather than later, would be best.

Well, Although it'll be dry, my carport is exposed to cold. I could get some diesel and fire up the 110,000 BTU space heater. Also, My Dogs will MAUL You (With love and excitement) everytime you want to use the bathroom.
I know that Ken is working hard to get his basement in order but I'm doubtful that he's ready yet. Pizza or chinese will be the food for dinner (as originally planned).

Sharon??? do you have enough room?? Anyone else want to chime in for this weekends meeting as a host???? We should decide soon. I'll pm my address if we decide to meet at my place.

If we DO meet here, it's possible we can get a welding demonstration together as long as there's enough alcohol to make the sparks.
Ummm... Geez The hell with PMing my address I'll post it here if we're meeting at my place. My business is already posted online and 100,000,000 creditors already know my address so what the heck. I guarantee that it'll be comfy. That space heater will Fry sharon to a crisp...... SO we'll just turn her around when she starts smoking...
Despite my house needing a good cleaning, I'm more than willing to host this Saturday. Like I said I have room for at least 15-20 people in my carport and even more if you include my deck and back yard. It'll also be a chance for you all to meet my GF who should be home by 4pm. For those that need the restroom, be prepared to be greeted by two white labs that will LOVE YOU. THey are SUPER FRIENDLY... almost Too friendly :) We also have a great Pizza place down the road.

I will need to know what we are doing by late afternoon or dinner time (TODAY) so I can prepare a little. I would suggest a start time of around 11. That will give me a little extra time to get everything together. In the Future, my place would be an excellent place to meet just due to the rainproof space and the abundance of tools I have.

Reminder that if you are allergic to dogs, ours shed profusely all year long, so animal dander is ever present.

I hope everyone will make the treck to unfamiliar territory and bless my humble home with the craziness that is our group.

I am Not afraid to post my cell number in here.

(908) 328-6661

I will post or PM my address to those who need it this afternoon if we are meeting at my place. Feel free to call me tonight

Reminder: Check out the "List" of items you'll need to make hands and a Jig a few pages back in this post.
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