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April Meeting

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OK, I started it. Let's start filling in available dates and project ideas.
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I not available the weekend of the 9th as its my birthday! Please feel free to shower me with custom made gifts wink wink!

As for a build, I vote for a mold making or lufe casting session. Smooth-on.cim has some great products for life casting some of which I used. We can do a face, arms etc..

Also, id still be for doing video effects that can be used as projections or peppers ghosts. We can shoot the video, I can edit and add effects and make personal dvds for everyone to use.

Just some suggestions. Ill add the smooth in website info and some video examples when I get home tonight.
Thats life casting not lufe casting haha..sorry im typing on my phone.
Here is what the So Cal make and take group did for their video project (link below).

What they shot was primarily for projection or straight video use so we can be less technical in having to use a green screen. A simple black backdrop will do and then we decide on the ghost images we want to do and act them out against the backdrop. It could be fun. I would edit the videos and have the DVD's for the next meeting. Everyone could act our their own peppers ghost routines. This may not take all that long but it could be great if combined with the makeup techniques that Jeff and Rich are talking about...we can make ourselves up into zombies,corpsed ghosts etc. and then shoot the videos.

I am also all for doing a life cast but I have to note that it can be expensive and if everyone wants to go home with their own cast to work with that day then it may not be feasible. Below is a tutorial video along with the website for the materials they use.

We could always do just one or two casts and work from those or if everyone wants to buddy up we could do that as well. Once you have a mold created it can be cast in a number of materials. Foam, Plaster, Silicone etc. You could use the casts for heads on pop-ups, tombstones, faces on pillars and the list goes on. All stuff to think about.

I also just got the How To Haunt Your House Vol. 2 book and there is some great stuff in here. There is an awesome tutorial to make a chicken wire ghost bride that is clothed in white fabric and illuminated with a blacklight that looks pretty neat.

I'm up for anything and am looking forward to some other ideas...if anyone likes any of what I suggested and wants more info just let me know.

PS..Greg..the grave grabber has been doing great! Ran it for half the day on Sunday to test it out and it worked like a charm! Can't wait to do more motorized props...I'm hooked!
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I do like the grave escape prop and am with you Rich, I do want to add more movement to my grave yard. Im going to keep looking on youtube for more props that work off shiatsus or deer/wiper motors. Im actually going to work on a simple twisted toybox this weekend. Im going to use my second wiper motor and build an arm extension to make the lid open and close on its own.
Im all for doing a peppers ghost. Ive done a few in my haunt and they are great illusions and easy to set up. Also I found this shiatsu prop the other day that looked cool http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=/&gl=US#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=Dtn1JTZay04

What do you have in mind for your video? Can you list it on here or pm me so I can get a better idea? Id luke to put some thought to it. I am already working in video and audio.clips for.my dark csrnuval this year and would like to add your video to my to do list. If there are specific visuals, effects or audio you need I can start to complie a list of files I may already have that could work for your video.
Sorry for the mis spellings..again Im writing quickly from my phone.
This sounds great Greg! The part where the scientist reveals himself and is half mutated..that is something we would probably have to shoot ourselves but the rest I think I can do. Im going to work on the uhf logo and static tonight and post that for you to see this week so stay tuned!
I like the obelisk build idea and adding motion and sound to the grabber is cool too. How long do we think buulding the obelisk would take? is it an all day build or can we add in another project with it? So far we have..
- Hand Jig tutorial
- obelisk for cemetery
- video effects
- adding sound and lighting to grave grabber
- shiatsu prop..ground breaker?
- makeup technique
I'll most likely finish detailing my GG at home though I would like to go over Gregs Hand Jig and see how that works. I am up for anything but would love to work on another project that will add depth to the graveyard or another motion prop.

Below is another shiatsu prop, a zombie grave grabber. This could be a good one to use the motion detector with just like he does in the video.

Also a how to here:
http://www.santasprojects.com/Corpse_County/zombie_grave_escape/zombie how-to.pdf
Hey guys..i am sure Rich will say I am leading us off ony a tangent now but I wanted to ask the group this first and see what our handy men could suggest.

My haunt this year is a dark carnival theme. One prop im building is a life size zoltar fortune teller head but I would like to add a vertical up and down movement to the lower jaw. I figured that maybe I could use a deer motor to do this but how can I make a linkage that attaches to the motor and the jaw that will make it move up and down and not in an arching motion?
Thanks Greg!

That is an awesome site and is going to be very, very helpful! I already see the motion I need is a reciprocating motion which should be a very simple setup.
No dialog, just a simple up and down motion. It may be something i try to add a motion sensor to so when u pass by it it goes off but I need to first get the mechanics of it complete. Should be simple. Servos are simething im not familiar with at all but that could be a great make and take idea..
April is a tough month for me. I have my bday this coming weekend on the 10th, my grandmothers on the 16th and parties on both the 23 & 24th. Might have to miss this one. If anyone wants to do the peppers ghost project let me know. Is anyone really unfamiliar with how to do this illusion? I think this would be a fairly simple and quick tutorial rather than an involved build so we would need another project to tie in with it.
I guess you guys do like me since I am being ragged on for my party schedule haha! Sorry Greg, April is a bit nuts.The 23rd/24th may or may not be a go but I am sure at least the 24th won't be an option for me. The 10th & 16th are definitely out. Ugg...I was hoping to make this 3 in a row! Whatever everyone decides. Hopefully I can come.

Sharon, loved the video. Can't wait to see more. Keep them Vlogs coming!
I like it, its would be easier than all the back and forth but I think we will need to also have a contact list or person we can get in touch or will get in touch with us to make sure a meeting is still on. Also, what do you guys think about making a projects list as well? Everyone shouts out a ton of great ideas but it seems hard to pick the next project. It would be nice to have both a schedule of make and take dates and projects for those days. Maybe this next meeting we discuss what everyone wants to build, learn etc.
Heads up to my haunt club buddies! Im running a free contest on my blog, all you have to do is leave a comment in the latest post titled "freaky friday giveaway!" Contest is running for two weeks. Winner gets a mystery box surprise! (let the jokes begin on that one) prizes will always vary and be halloween or horror related and contest will run once a month. So head on over leave a comment in the post and be entered to win. The first prize is a good one and it something every haunter/prop builder would like to have!
Hey guys..I probably won't be making it to the next make and take. My father just had a heart attack yesterday and is in ICU. I will be spending time with the family and more with him when he gets out. I'm sure I will speak to you all soon.
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