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April Meeting

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OK, I started it. Let's start filling in available dates and project ideas.
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I am not available on the April 8th weekend....believe it or not I am working on Easter Sunday so Im okay with that Saturday too...

I have already done the zombie/Jesus on the cross prop...I went one step further and tarred mine...

Thanks GhoulishCop for volunteering me...all I know about make up is trial and error. It would be cool like we did with the tombstones where everybody did a little demo of what they knew...not so much of a project but a on hand how to....seperate into grease make up. prosthetics, and natural whole made make up...just an idea...

if you work on the hands I can pump out more chicken/turkey feet..

I'll start looking thru my crap/junk that I dont want and submit it to the easter egg hunt...
One more thing...the first rummage sale is this week, and Friday is fill a bag for a buck day. (I think they raised it to 2 bucks, but that's OK). I got a request for men's suit jackets but is there anything that any of you may need that I can look for? I can't guarantee that there will be anything left that we can use, but I'll give it a shot. I got 2 shiatsu's one year, so occasionally they have good stuff. BTW...IF I find the Shiatsu's, they're mine...lol. Does anyone need books for a library room? Toys for a nursery? Shoes for props? Let me know before Wednesday or Thursday so I can make my list. They usually have tons of picture frames too. Shoot...I may need to take someone with me to help me carry this all...lol.
Hey Trishaanne..

Since you offered...lookin for jean overalls for adult or young teen ager...coveralls too....They are getting harder to find....
Wake up you slackers, no posts here in almost three days ?????????????????????
I've been busy...just updated the wighead how to


Thanks NJ/PA Haunter's Make and Take!!
1 - 4 of 155 Posts
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