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Arlen Cemetery 2010

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Here is my boarded up haunted house with graveyard! I put a lot of work into it. My son dressed up as Jason Voorhees and had a blast frightning all the trick or treaters. New this year was the lightning machine. You could see it half way down the block. I had big scream t.v in the downstairs window and all the windows were boarded up. I used a 400 watt fogger and a long pvc pipe filled with water bottles as my fog chiller. I hope you guys enjoy thanks for all the inspiration! I can't wait till next year!

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very very creepy! in other words! ABSOULTELY AWESOME!
Sweet! I'm surprised a little 400W fogger did so well outside. You must have had a nice still night. And the scream TV face in the window was very cool.

Oh, and excellent choice on your video background music... The Thing and Nightmare on Elm Street; two of my favorite horror movie soundtracks of all time!
That is a good and creepy yard. I bet the kids had a blast.
Great spider victim!!! I really like those boarded up windows. Everything looks really good, you did a great job!
Looks great! I gotta have a lightning simulator next year!
Nice job! I have to get the big scream tv scene back up on my display next year. I like how you boarded the windows up and left the one window for that scene. Your son did a good job as Jason.
awesome job, love the spider victim and spider egg sacks, also the lightening effect, all very scary- love it !!!!!!
I really liked your spooky yard haunt!
How many watts was your flashing lightning prop?
I found it was actually quite creepy having the lighting go from very dark to glaring bright - I liked that effect! Looking forward to next Halloween!!
ScreamingScarecrow- I used two 500 watt photo light blubs. One was white and the other was blue. The lightning machine could handle 1,000 watts. It lit the whole front of the house.
Just plain awesome! Loved the spider sacks, totally creepy.v:D
Nice creepy graveyard! The lightning was a great effect. It looked like your son had a good time playing Jason.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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