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ATTN: Enthusiasts and Horror Collectors - Check out Forbidden Props

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Hope everyone's year has started off great and looking forward to this season! We are new as a company but not new to the industry having done a number of prop weapons, prop armor, costuming, etc. since around 2015 for movies and other companies. However, this was all commissioned work and felt that as enthusiasts/collectors ourselves, we wanted to bring something unique to you guys.

Sleeve Rectangle Wood Font Art

Not only do we make usable full scale custom made prop knives (18" total length), but we also have a line of collector props that are completely themed in various cult classic characters. Give us a browse and feel free to hit us up with any questions. We are on social media and will be a few conventions this year (Texas Frightmare being the first) so you can pick up stuff to get signed by your favorite actor(s). Here are some of our usable props:

Wood Artifact Metal Fashion accessory Tool
Sleeve Textile Creative arts Headgear Triangle
Food Wood Red Cuisine Tints and shades
Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Artifact Tints and shades

Wood Tool Knife Kitchen utensil Still life photography

Please check us out when you have a moment! Thanks!
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