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Auditory Waves - What are you listening to?

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This should be fun. We have an eclectic mix of haunters here so lets see what gets your toes tapping! What music are you currently listening to?
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:p^My husband says this is my theme song because it says, "I hate everyone but you" and sometimes I am like that..." (don't poke me, randoms):eek:
:jol:I know I've posted this before...but I just love this version...it makes me smile....
Anything by Amy MacDonald
My favorite band to listen too is The Beatles.
Othewise, when I listen to music, it will typically be classic rock.

You know you are getting old when what you originally called
progressive rock, is now called classic rock.
OK tonight I came home from work and after other stuff came upon this song I totally forgot about. I'm "re-listening" and just relaxing. Enjoy:

So listening to old music..my sister loved Hall and Oaks (she's 15 years older than me and hates me know to boot) I heard this (missing her) and thought it can't be the same Daryl Hall from Hall and Oats but it is. Daryl Hall did this thing "Live from Daryl's house" and it is so cool! He has different singers filling in for Oats. I've been listening to song after song. Really good!

Also in my opinion the combined voices of Cee Lo Green and Daryl Hall is delicious!!
Daryl Hall and Anderson East:

Daryl Hall and Queen Latifah:

Brief interruption; Cardi B...WAP (it's an ear worm).

:D Back to Live from Daryl's house: This time the O'Jays!

Wait....He played with The Temptations???? I have to find that!!!!
Find it I did:

Sorry. I hope other people are interested in this. I just love all kinds of music and I get excited. Sorry for taking over the thread.
I prefer the band that cause me to keep a transistor radio practically glued to the side of my head through most the 60s
And the reason I still have long hair.

The Beatles

And here is Paul performing one of my favorite Beatles tunes
Love The Beatles!

Oh great ... thanks Spooky. Now I have to own ALL their music.
Boz Scaggs

Always Always Dr John

I think I have to say Dr John is my favorite. If such a thing is possible.

Calms me down after work.

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