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Auditory Waves - What are you listening to?

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This should be fun. We have an eclectic mix of haunters here so lets see what gets your toes tapping! What music are you currently listening to?
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One of my favorites

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^ Likey likey
^ I love that song! ;)
I don't know how I forgot about Bad Company . I got off early tonight (was listening to music) and Feeling Like Making Love came on and I couldn't remember (for a moment) who sang that song. I danced to it while washing dishes and then remembered. I used to hear this song as a kid. Anyway, I remember now and love it. Here it is for everyone:

So odd that I forgot Bad Company , now that I'm relistening I remember how much I loved them as a teen.

It's funny (to me) how many songs and artists we forget about and then just all of the sudden remember. For example today for some reason I remembered Hoyt Axton and was singing this at work (to the amusement of some of my co workers) lol, just popped into my mind:

I also reread some of his bio online when I got home and was fascinated to learn he wrote some of the songs for Three Dog Night. I did not know that.

If I ever did get a cat ... very unlikely ... I'd name it Kalamazoo.

Haven't heard that song in ages. Thank you.
Since I'm doing a Steampunk related theme this year, I'm listening to Abney Park, Steam Powered Giraffe, The Cog is Dead ... helps get those brain-gears spinning.
Been primarily listening to the new Ghost at work and home. Car is Avenge Sevenfold, Volbeat, Jackyl, Rush, Guns and Roses, a song by Tazzer and one by Ozzy. My system is screwed up right now and not working it until the spring so just doing the USB thing. The radio works but not loud enough, Previous owner put in another system with amp and wired everything so had to go through the amp, amp ground broke fixed it but only get sound out of 1 or 2 speakers now, plus the phone interface has never worked, think because of the amp.
Currently listening to Spooky1 berating his laptop:p
Currently listening to Spooky1 berating his laptop:p

Is that "Rap" or "Polka"?
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Is that "Rap" or "Polka"?
Or is that Spoken word? at least think that's what they call it
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This is interesting, I think. The Temptations and The Supremes on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Very coo! !
Wanted to share The Mamas & The Papas, their harmonies kill me:

Can't seem to get enough of this group. Yes, they're sexy. Yes they're absolutely gorgeous. Yes they're talented ... I forget where I was going with this, but give it a listen.

Broken Peach
OK, I did and you're right. :cool:
This tonight Cass Elliot and John Denver

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