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Automated Arms

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I hope everyone had a great Halloween! This was an off year for me as I had a major home remodel project that took me out of the shop for most of the year. :mad:

However I am now ready to get started on next year. I've been playing with Vixen and have a Lynxmotion SSC32 servo controller on the way as well as a couple of 24 channel dimmable light controllers. This should be a lot easier then programming everything in VB and manually driving my old parallel port based relay card.

Now to the crux of the biscuit. With 32 servo channels available I plan on upgrading a couple of my heads to 3-axis movement but would like to take those props to the next level and add servo powered arm movements to them as well.

I have been searching the web and have found a few "singing quartets" that seem to be what I want, but no How-To articles for building them, in particular the advanced arm movements.

Anyone have suggestions?

Thanks, Harry
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Thanks for the input. I have a wiper motor sitting in the shop that I need to see how I can hack. As you suggest that should be plenty of torque to lift the arm at the shoulder.

Lots to learn, lots to play with.
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