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Just wanted to send a warning out to my fellow collectors about an eBay Scrooge who helped ruin Christmas for us in a way.
I had ordered a set of 2 BloodRayne Swords for my Brother-In-Law, I was excited due to his love of this game and was an item he didn't have. I e-mailed them and told them this was a Christmas gift and I needed it before Dec. 24th they said "Not a problem"
I sent the money order priority mail with confirmation on Dec. 12th. I e-mailed a few days later, and I was told they had the money, it was on its way and it should be here by Monday (Dec. 19th) or Tuesday (Dec. 20th).
It did not come. I e-mailed them and they told me I hadn't sent the auction number and info (which I did send) and it was my fault for the confusion, but it would be there "soon".
I called the post office to get confirmation on the delivery the Post Office told me the money order had arrived the 14th, however they did not bother to pick up the money order from their PO Box until Dec. 19th.
I e-mailed them back on Dec. 23rd and asked them how the swords would have been here the 19th or 20th if they didn't get the money order until the 19th? They then told me they had confused me with another customer, my money order was sitting there, but wouldn't be processed until Tuesday Dec. 27 and then it would be sent out.
I e-mailed back and told him this was unacceptable; I needed the item by Christmas and would now have to go out and get another gift. I told him to not cash the money order and send it back to me.
I then received an e-mail saying it was already cashed, and they were sending the item. They then told me not to blame them for "my mistake".
My only mistake was dealing with UniqueBlades, and I hope none of you make the same mistake. It is a badly run business that can't keep their customers straight and doesn't bother sending out their product until THEY want to.
Still haven't received my product.
Save your money and shop elsewhere.
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