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Barget Basement Barney

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If you are not familiar with Barney please see this one at skeleton factory: http://www.skeleton-factory.com/Life-Size-Bargain-Basement-Barney-133

I know he's only 5 feet tall but isn't that skull a tad big? Or is the idea that this is a younger skeleton, so the skull is proportionately big to the body?

Same question re: Easy on the Pocket Paul... are these regular adult-size skulls on smaller bodies?
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Yeah, I made a skeleton ghost bride out of the Barney, and honestly, with a wig and veil and all, you can't even tell the head is disproportionate. I guess it just kinda depends how you plan to use the skeleton whether the head will look big or not.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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