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Barget Basement Barney

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If you are not familiar with Barney please see this one at skeleton factory: http://www.skeleton-factory.com/Life-Size-Bargain-Basement-Barney-133

I know he's only 5 feet tall but isn't that skull a tad big? Or is the idea that this is a younger skeleton, so the skull is proportionately big to the body?

Same question re: Easy on the Pocket Paul... are these regular adult-size skulls on smaller bodies?
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I don't remember posting this question and can't believe I'm complaining about too much head.
Yes, I'm thinking about burn-corpsing it and nailing it awkwardly to a 4' spinning prize wheel. It will obscure some of the art on the slices but in my imagination it is pretty cool. The idea is that this is how the Witchfinder had his captives spin for their own fate.
Still working on the details but I'm thinking something like:
Absolution = Lifesavers
Trial by Fire = Fireballs
Trial by Stone = Jawbreakers
Trial by Water = Gushers maybe?
Gallows = Twizzlers
Rack = Taffy
Banishment = Nerds

I forget who to thank for inspiration...might have been Dave the Dead?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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