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Britt Ekland vs. Lara Parker

  • Britt Ekland

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • Lara Parker

    Votes: 15 88.2%

Battle of the Scream Queens Bout #11

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Another classic match-up coming your way:

Britt Ekland


Lara Parker

Swedish bombshell Britt's monsterous listings include: The Wickerman, Asylum, The Monster Club. Lara is best known for her role as Angelique Bouchard in television series, Dark Shadows, along with a crappy movie based on the series.

Get to posting and voting. This concludes the polls here until next Saturday when I will be bringing yet more of such your way. Have fun! Sinister
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MADLY in love with Lara Parker from her Dark Shadows roles, as well as Race with the Devil. She gets my vote here :D
I also went for Lara. I used to tune in every day for Dark Shadows just to see if Angelique was going to be on. Those eyes of hers casts a seductive spell that had me glued to the screen many a day. Never really bought Jonathan Frid as a lover to so beautiful a woman even if he was a vampire. The world is a strange place...
went with Lara on this one too, Sin is right, it's her eyes that are so captivating...
Have to completely agree with Sinister, one look, you're hooked!
Loved Dark Shadows - have to go with Parker.
Keeping in line with the rules, they dictate I have to keep these polls open for a week. But Jeez! This particular bout is no longer a match; it's a bloody slaughter. :eek:
Couldn't help myself... I'll go with the hair.

I remember watching DS as a four year old.
In the worst bloodbath yet, Lara Parker walks easily into spot #11...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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