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Best Blood Recipie

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I used to make a peanut butter based one, but I recently was introduced to a very very simple blood recipie that I've used successfully on film. It can be made lighter or darker and has a nice arterial blood look.

Warm chocolate syrup in the microwave and add red food coloring, then mix. Add a little water to spray from a bottle, or apply "as is" to prosthetics already on the face or body.

I like it because besides having a nice coloring for HD, it becomes more sticky as it dries making a nice thick texture for shine and drips.

As an added bonus- unlke Dick Smith's recepie, it is non-toxic.

Before you ask, although it makes logical sense, STRAWBERRY does not look good in my opinion. Much too much red and florescent pink looking.

Try it yourself and see!
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Karo syrup ( clear) and food coloring--
I used it as a decoration on some food and it worked ok and was ediable.
I'll bet that tastes yummy on food. :)

I've tried that plus blue on prosthetics a while ago, but the camera picked it up as too fakey looking. :-/ Just one of the blood recipies that didn't work for me.
corn syrup and red food dye is PERFECT. Trust me, I used it last year and it looks great!
SI....on the syrpe recipe...how long does it last...like it gets hard and will stay untill wet? Any other methods for making blood?
thanks for the tip.
I tried that..took a nap and was covered in ants! Ok..just kidding. It was just one ant.
Heyya Johnny. :D It drys a nice shade for the camera and lasts until washed off. It stay wet long enough to run nice drips,and then stays put which the directors appreciate for continuity for the films. No, it doesn't get hard, and it stays flexible.

Lots of other blood recepies. Many use peanut butter for thicker blood. I like Dick Smith's blood, but it is toxic if ingested and I tend to stay on the non-toxic side because actors often do things they shouldn't with the blood (tasting, deciding they want a look of blood on the lips, biting their nails with bloody hands, etc.)

I have a great non-toxic pus and white cell, too. :D
Ok Sickie how do you make the "pus"?
will you share please.
Sure, for puss I use cheap lemon icing [Jewel brand is usually fine], add crushed generic corn flakes for texture and as a thickener, and color with delta ceramcoat light foliage green [or darker]. That's an acrylic paint, but in my exerience non-toxic-ish that won't cause you harm or ill-effects in small amounts in case of accidental ingestion.

Fresh white cells can be created with the same lemon icing, but just add some water to make it thinner. More of a mayonnaise or pudding consistancy. This should be just dabbed on in spots next to or over the puss. Since it is thinner, it tends to run over the course of time when heated up by body temp making it look as if it were oozing from small punctures.

Apply puss with a plastic knife over sculpted cuts already painted a base coat with the same paint. Dab some white cells on with a q-tip and you have some nice repulsive gore. :D
sounds good ... not to eat though... thanks
Lilly, you may be able to use food coloring if applying to food, but you somehow have to counteract the shamrock bright green to make it darker...
Sickie that's true for food items but, I'm thinking of doing a corpse being eaten by rats something like that in a clear box type thing ( if you saw "bones" episode- like that)...hoping to get scraps of plexiglass for sturdiness from some guys in the biz, but if not I will think of something else to use like clear thicker plastic.
I am thinking of maybe experimenting with gorilla glue or great stuff and try and color that so its more permanent and then it wont attract bugs, which would be nice effect but a nuisance.
Skeleton Coast sells a hot glue product called "Hot Blood".
http://www.skeletoncoast.com/Products/Hot Blood/HotBlood.html
Thanks Hauntiholik..that stuff looks cool
haunt, I wonder if you could get the same thing by mixing acrylic paint with heated/melted hot glue, then pour it into molds the shape of glue sticks?
That might work sickie..but I know food coloring doesn't mix very well with hot glue I tried that it did color it somewhat but not very good..maybe if i had something to keep it melted all the time it would ...anyone use anything or know of something to keep hot glue melted like that ?
that would work great for static props blood and pus and no flies.
but may have to check out reg ole elmers glue i'm sure that would color good.
Sickie --

I think you're on the right track in making your own hot glue blood sticks but I don't think acrylic paint is the way to go. Hot glue sticks are really a low-temp thermoplastic (EVA I think) with waxy stuff in it, I don't think anything water based would want to mix. And some of the other stuff in the paint might mess with the thermal properties. But adding dry universal pigments just might work. Hell, I think it's a good bet that's what those blood sticks in the ad actually are. Those universal's go a long way so your biggest expense would be for the glue sticks.

The stage blood I've made for the movies I worked is Karo and red food color with some hersheys syrup and universal pigments to adjust the tint and darkness. I add cocoa powder if it's going to be drying because that makes the thin smears dry a nice rusty color.
The best blood thing I do is: take a razor blade and make a small inscetion above my eyebrow. This works better if you do a bunch of jumping jacks before hand. Then just let it drip on whatever you want gorified, and wham bam, you got crimson.

No karo, no hot glue, just pure fun.
Interesting Rev, I've not tried using cocoa powder...but I will now. :D
I think I'll experiemnt with the acrylic and hot glue just for the fun of it and post the results. :D
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