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Big Lots Lantern FINISHED - Distressed and Aged

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These were whipped up at the last minute hence the reason the glass looks completely different on each one.

I pulverized the Big Lots lantern ($4 each) metal from my how-to then painted (both linked below) the glass two completely different ways with completely different paint. The glass is the only thing painted at this point. When I have time I'll figure out the lantern body look.

How-To: Distress the lantern metal
How-To: Paint the lantern glass

I present to you - Ol' Sooty (blackened glass) and Frosty (white glass).

Which one do you like better and how do you knock the sheen off the outside part of the glass?

Both lanterns under full on light

Both lanterns under soft lighting

Frosty with a votive inside

Ol' Sooty with votive inside
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I did the same to mine. Hit them with rust colored "stone" textured spray paint, then hit the inside with some flat black paint. The frosted one looks MUCH brighter....same tea light??
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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