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Hey all,

I have yet another question. When building a weapon style prop, or even using a store bought prop, such as a machete or a knive for example, how can I rig it to shoot blood? For a live action scene in my haunt, Im having a situation where a girl gets her throat cut, Im not only trying to achieve the act, but IM also trying to capture the effect, or the blood running out of her kneck, but I know it actually come out of the prop, so here is my over all question, how do I get any weapon style prop to do that?

I know it requires some plastic tubing, and a pump of some kind. But where do I get the materials to do this? And how is it best done?

Sorry to be a pain in the rear here. But most of you Im sure have by far more experience doing this then me.

Many thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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