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Of course the easier version is to have the ripper do it. Have your victim held by the ripper with the knife under her throat. The tubing is actually on her neck under the appliance, and the bulb located on back of her.

When the rippers slices, her head goes back opening the appliance, he controls the blood squirt, and she faints or falls so she lands on her back. (bulb pressed with a sudden body "sandwich" squeeze, or with his hand.)

Bulb is hidden the whole time, no slight of hand, and when she falls it frees the ripper up to walk to the audience.

The challenge is refilling any bulb since it is a little tricky. The best way I have done this is to use a nasel syringe, take off the plastic on the end, insert a fish airline connector and attach the tubing to that. The tubing can be popped on and off to refill as needed and the seal is almost blood tight. Dunk the whole bulb to fill it since air bubbles in the line and top of the bulb is your worst enemy. Dunk the whole tube in the blood to fill that the first time, or the blood will never make it past the air in the tubing (unless extremely short tubing.)

Consider a syringe to hook up to the airline. pop the needle off and hook up the airline. you can have another actor do it out of sight, or the ripper one handed.

As rev said, all this takes practice though. Practice with water. easier clean up.
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