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Blucky modification

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So, northrad on youtube had a modified blucky that actually made it look pretty good, and, well, not so crappy. 5 things are needed to be changed. New skull head. Extend Neck. Extend spinal column. Airbursh in detail and corpse the joints.
Here is a link to my youtube sort of 'how-to' on what I did.

What do you all think ?
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Why is there not a DIY to improve these?? Does my search ability suck? I saw one to improve the hands/feet, I have yet to see one for the spine extension. These REALLY do suck, but once this/these modifications are done (with a skull transplant) they don't look half bad with some corpse treatment.
[email protected] forgot about this one. Ok, there is actually a good one out there....^.....
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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