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Bone Chandelier

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Well this is one project I was almost surprised I pulled off, and I'm even more surprised it turned out so great! All the bones and skulls were single and had to be put together with 'liquid nail' (a type of glue I normally use)

Sadly I didn't take any pictures while I was making it mainly because I put it together so fast. I did run medal wires through the bones for strength. And ran the cords for the lights through the bones as well to hind them, all the cords lead to the top skull and the cord running out the top is a three plug, which is why the chandelier is a triangle and not a square, I could only power three lights, lol!

Each skull was only a dollar and the candles were a dollar each too, I bought them last Christmas... And too think people tease me about planning for Halloween year round..
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Looks good and made doubly so by hiding the wires so effectively. Are the bones hollow plastic or styrofoam?

There hollow, there the same plastic ones you can buy at the dollar stores that come in the three pack (normally two bones and a hand) I just drilled a hole through them and fed the wire through. The ones leading up to the top skull were a little tougher since I had to fit the plugs through them, like I said all the plugs are plugged in at the top skull, I used a three prong extension cord and actually sealed it into the skull with only the wire sticking out...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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