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Boomer Skull ???

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What would I use to make a boomer skull go left to right and right to left, like an oscillating fan ( I don't think a fan can pull it off, weight 5,5 lbs). I want him looking down on the people entering my house. I also would like to use spots or Lasers for his eyes. I want some type of beam, from the eyes (lights) shining down on the pathway....any suggestions?
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A air cylinder on a flip flop timer, or windshield wiper motor if you have it framed out good on a crank. DM
You could mount the skull to PVC "neck" and use a motor with a linkage to turn the head. That's what I did on my witch project. The witch head was fairly heavy as well. Here's a link to that project.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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