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Boris Hack test with MP3

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Just running a test of the Boris hack...so very easy to do...I might buy 2 or 3 more of these.

He may be my greeter....


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That was really great. I like the fact you were able to retain the eye flashing in sync with the laughter. I have to look into some of these.
Dennis, May I ask where can I get the Boris in NY/NJ area.. I've been searching for the guy for a long time with no luck...Thanks.
I got mine at Big Lots....Dunkirk NY...western side of the state

Kmart also has them
I picked two up today from Big Lots in McKinney texas. $20 each.

These seem like newer models as compared to the Wolfstone write up. Specifically, the power requirements have changed from the write up. The wolfstone writeup talks about a 6 cell arrangement where mine has just a 4 AA arrangement. Also, the jaw seems to move just fine even with the head titled.

Unfortunately, I won't be hacking into this think until early October. Damned job getting in the way. :)

Happy Prop Hacking
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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