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bottomless pit

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Alright so as the guests step into the elevator that leads to hell, I want them to look down at a bottomless pit that will act as the elevator's shaft. The problem is I don't know what they should step on so that they can see the shaft below them and still be supported. There will be about 4 people on the elevator at a time which is about 5' x 4' so what should they step on? Plexiglass came to mind but I figured it would be too expensive. I also thought of making a wood floor with maybe 2x6s facing vertically so there would be a fair amount of space where you could look down but I don't want it to take away from the effect. Has anyone ever tried something like this before? Any suggestions?
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How about using glass (cheaper than plexi) but build your elevator in such a way that you use expanded metal for the floor over top of metal supports. What I am imagining is like a freight or mine elevator that you can see through the metal grating. Just a thought.
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