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bottomless pit

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Alright so as the guests step into the elevator that leads to hell, I want them to look down at a bottomless pit that will act as the elevator's shaft. The problem is I don't know what they should step on so that they can see the shaft below them and still be supported. There will be about 4 people on the elevator at a time which is about 5' x 4' so what should they step on? Plexiglass came to mind but I figured it would be too expensive. I also thought of making a wood floor with maybe 2x6s facing vertically so there would be a fair amount of space where you could look down but I don't want it to take away from the effect. Has anyone ever tried something like this before? Any suggestions?
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not exactly sure what you want here - if they are going to ride the elevator - wouldnt it take up the room of the shaft and make the "pit" unnoticable?? - i just put my pit together in the haunt tonight - 3 feet high - 4x8 with a bridge over top - it was a very expensive project but the effect is well worth it - ill post pics soon and try to help with any Q's you have about yours - riley
for the two way mirror effect you need a box at least 2 feet high and whatever your desired width, on the bottom is a regular mirror facing up - on the top i used 1/4 plexi with a "privacy mirror" film purchased at lowes adhered onto it - if you are wanting them to be able to look through the floor of the elevator, the elevator will have to be on top of the box - meaning that the people will have to go on either a ramp or stairs to get up to the elevator - or i suppose if your outside you could dig i gian hole and drop it in which i wouldnt do - but just threw it out there - - - i guess im not really understanding why you would want to do the pit effect like you have described - if this is an elevator - even if its a frieght one, it would probably have a solid floor - and if it didn't it would have a small hole grid made out of some sort of metal - which could eaily be replicated but will make it nearly impossible to make the pit effect actually visible - if you want to go the elevator route - why not make the first elevator shaft look like it actually already fell through and now all that is left is a open hole/shaft with a few pieces of old wood making a makeshift bridge that you have to go over top the shaft - then the second one will make them think they are going to fall to their deaths like the people on the first elevator - just a suggestion

i know the thick clear material that you can actually walk on is very expensive - its like 1 in or something like the clear basketball backboards - so unles you got a lot of $ id stick with the plexi - thats already not going to be cheap - you cant use glass though on the offchance someone trips and falls on the glass or something falls on it and shatters it
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