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bottomless pit

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Alright so as the guests step into the elevator that leads to hell, I want them to look down at a bottomless pit that will act as the elevator's shaft. The problem is I don't know what they should step on so that they can see the shaft below them and still be supported. There will be about 4 people on the elevator at a time which is about 5' x 4' so what should they step on? Plexiglass came to mind but I figured it would be too expensive. I also thought of making a wood floor with maybe 2x6s facing vertically so there would be a fair amount of space where you could look down but I don't want it to take away from the effect. Has anyone ever tried something like this before? Any suggestions?
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Alright, just to make myself clear... there will be two elevators in the haunt. In the first one it will drop but in the second one (with the bottomless pit) won't due to height restrictions. Anyway I want them to be inside the elevator which will be 4' by 5' and directly below the floor that they are standing on is the bottomless pit/ shaft. The floor that they are standing on is an elevator floor so it can't be a bridge because the floor must touch the walls.

Basically they have to see through the floor and I want to know what materials I should use to do this that will support everyones weight.
If you made the elevator a little bigger, you could put a window in the floor and protect it with a guard rail. That way, they could look down without standing on it. Otherwise, I say use heavy slats with several 1" spaces in between and cover it on top with chicken wire. That should be strong but visible enough. You can buy sheets of thin plastic at Garden Ridge. If you support that with wood slats, that should work too.
hmmm... not a bad idea with the window but I'm not sure it would look good if the elevator was bigger than the mirror... because if anything the shaft should be bigger than the elevator itself. But then again maybe they wouldn't really notice the size difference because the elevator won't be directly on top of the box (in order not to break the mirrors)

Oh, and I remember a while ago someone talking about using plexiglass with I think the window shrink wrap stuff that gives the illusion of a 2 way mirror.... can anyone confirm this or know what I'm talking about. I know I can get mirrors half off b/c I just tell them that the haunts for charity, but if I do I'd probably need to get a really thin version to keep the price reasonable.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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