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Brewster Yard Haunt '06 Flyer

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Something new this year. We've got to hand these out next week at our annual Founder's Day Fair.
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Nice flyer, to the point and no cluter...Great job!
VERY cool Kevin! Mind if anyone else modify's it a bit for their own haunt? ::wink wink::
Looks great. I like the big skull, is that clipart?
Beautiful job - but as a graphic designer I have to say - don't print them at home - you'll blow through your black ink cartridge lickity split!!!

Yeah I know - I rain on the parade. (you DID DO a great job designing them)

: ^)
Thanks for the great feedback, folks. Yes, the skull is clipart, I can't remember where I got it though, some great site with lots of groovy images free for not-for-profit haunts.
I actually plan on running them off on a copier.
btw, I'm also graphic designer (specializing in web design). I can make a large (7.5"x10") .jpg available if anyone wants to edit it for their own haunt, let me know!
Looks great kevin.
Hey JohnnyL,
Here is the full size version of the flyer.

Feel free to download it and use/abuse it as you will...
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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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