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Bubbling cauldron opinions please

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I have been working the idea of having a bubbling cauldron this year and am thinking about what else I need to do. This is just a test run.


I tried with dish soap and got white bubbles even though I had food coloring so that idea was out. I then moved on to other ideas. I settled on flour, water, and food coloring. I like the effect for the most part. I have to thicken up the "soup" a bit, add more coloring, and put a flex hose in it to spread the bubbles around the cauldron.

Is there anything else that you can think of I should try? Also what do you think so far? Thx for your help!
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Are you running air into this? You can get a stone that will shoot out a wider area of bubbles. Check aquarium places.

This is disgusting, by the way.
or i am wondering if you can replace the water with tonic water which is great under a blacklight .... as i was just told this a while back so i tried it and yes it works really well but i'm not if it will with the flour in it. guess il have to try that now too.
yeah some kind of diffuser for the air should work for more bubbles
Tonic water is a great idea. While your at it, add some Gin. This would make the witch's brew quite a hit with the trick or treaters.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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