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I've often noticed that good creepy houses (real or manufactured) always have holes cracked in the plaster, revealing the laths beneath.

Here is an extreme example from the Winchester Mystery House:

I wanted to bust some holes in my walls for Halloween without incurring the wrath of my landlord, and here's the solution I came up with. The whole thing cost me about $5 in materials, and made enough for three rooms.

First I got four sheets of black posterboard for $.59 each, and a roll of "knotty pine" self-adhesive shelf paper (Contact paper) for about $3. Here's a shot showing the texture of the paper:

I cut the shelf paper into 1.5" strips and stuck it to the posterboard. This was really easy, as the backing on the paper has grid lines printed right on it. After it was all stuck down (I put a vertical cross beam at the seam where I taped two posterboards together), I painted shadows and stains on the "boards."

Once it was all painted, I cut the big sheets into cracked hole shapes and then painted some shadows around the edges. And that's it! Instant lath and plaster damage. I hung them up around my house to see what they'd look like. They look great, even in a currently unhaunted house. :jol: (UPDATE: I put up a larger photo here.)

1 - 20 of 98 Posts
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