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Can psychics really see the past/future?

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I’m sure everyone has seen the signs for “$5 Psychic Readings” in their town or while traveling elsewhere. What I wanted to discuss here were your thoughts on using psychics for more than just personal entertainment, more specifically in police and detective work.

There’s been documented cases in the past where police haven’t been able to solve a crime, at which point they turn to a psychic for help.
What I find the most interesting is when the psychics they hire actually solve the case.

What are your thoughts on this? What about using psychics to help solve some of the current investigations (such as the Peterson or Hacking

I’m not an expert myself on the topic, but I’ve been learning a bit more from a new show on Court TV called Psychic Detectives. It’s on Wednesday’s at 9:30pm in case you want to watch it too.
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Not just "no," but HELL NO!

Consider this: If there were a such thing as a true psychic, don't you think they would use their "resources" to win the Lotto and Powerball jackpots on a consistant basis? To my knowledge, there hasn't been one winner of these games of chance to step forward and say, "I looked into the future and these were the numbers revealed to me." It's all nothing more than a scam to get poor disillusioned fools to throw away their money on some sense of false hope; sort of like faith healers, for instance.
speaking of which.. I just came inside from two mormons talking to me over my patio. They gave me the book of mormon.. and told me to really pray about it and to read these scriptures... Well I read it and I prayed..
Seriously dude...

I'm totally not converting to mormonism.

and about the psychics... I like that lady from montel williams with the long dodo filled fingernails she gnaws on.
Seriously, if I win the lottery I am soooo going to say I looked into the future and saw the numbers.
Don't believe in 'em.
I love how people say they don't believe without realizing there is alot of things that our unknown out there. People who have that ability do not broadcast on television... Some actually work for the goverment and some are working for the FBI to help cases in murders and crimes. It is like a 6th sense not exactly looking into the future and seeing clear view but knowing things that others may not pick up. I did alot of research on this and found interesting facts on the idea of it. There has been varies places in which scientist conducted experiments (safe of course) on people who claim to have certian abilities. They found that parts of the brain unactive in normal human beings were highly active in the people claiming to have abilities. It has been tested. It is not like people just go off and can see the future... It is a sense like being able to touch or see... It is just an ability that is only active in a few people.
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They did an episode on X-Files about that once...
Well yeah true... I mean alot of shows like X-files and even CSI and other Crime shows got into that type of media but there is a sort of truth to it. I mean it is not like they see clear pictures of the future but they know things that others may not get or understand. It is kind of like someone very intelligent who graduated highschool at 12... It has that kind of effect. It is wierd but it is true.
:rolleyes: Real Vampires, Gay Anime, Satan Worship and now Psychics. All this and more on the LadyPegUnicorn Show!
Hey leave me alone :p I am just kidding. I mean I like this stuff... That is what happens when your an art student. bahahaha!
The most "extensive" research into psychic phenomena was performed by the former USSR. Millions upon millions of rubles were pumped into this research in the hopes of recruiting men and women with unique abilities that would give the Soviets an edge over the west during the cold war. The experiments continued for years because the results were very promising. Then the USSR collapsed. And do you know what they found? The Soviet research programs were hideously flawed, and in some cases entirely farcical. The scientists so feared for their lives that they created "psychics" to keep the Kremlin happy. No psychics.

I was watching a show about remote viewing one day, and some of the "top remote viewers" were involved. A pre-determined scenario was staged at another location and the "psychics" had to describe the location and people involed in the scenario. You know what happened? Everyone came up with something different. Only one fact was identical in more than 75% of the cases--they said it involved a man. Seriously, that's the best guess they could come up with.

No psychics. None.
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I heard of that but it was flawed because they people they got claimed to be psychics with powers they did not have. In the United States there is actually departments for paranormal research. There was more research done and they found that psychics were people who collect senses of events not seeing in the future or past just senses and knowledge that not everyone had... An instinct. That is true psychic power... I mean one research in one country doesn't proove either way. The people they got were foonies claiming to be psychics and that is what they been saying. I mean you can't say either way considering people like Nostradamus and other people with abilities to create the "future" exist which is scary... So you never know.
I'm Psychic!

I have to take umbridge to all who doubt the existance of psychics, for I have a prediction!

Wait..no I don't.


However if if you wire me 50 bucks, I'll remote view some fer ya!
The funny thing how do you know they don't exist? Considering there were people who told the future and we have proof of that. We can't say it does or does not exist you just have to be open minded... Psychics are not people you see on tv or you see in films. There is a huge diffrence. You just need to be open minded to possibilities.
Lilith said:
Considering there were people who told the future and we have proof of that.
Just curious, but what proof do we have of that? If you're referring to the drug-induced ramblings of Nostrodamus, most of his "predictions" were incredibly vague, and were stated in such a way that anything he said can be intrepreted to the benefit of the person interpreting it.

Until somebody comes out and says "Such and such will happen at such and such a date", I'm not a believer. Cryptic statements that are open to interpretation don't quite cut it for me.
lol.. my cousin and I used to read Nostradamas stuff.. and we were convinced that he predicted the OJ Simpson trial.
See? Exactly my point. :p
You guys should know better than to try and reason with Lilith on such matters. Once she sets her mind, there's absolutely no changing it. Which reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask her for sometime now and just remembered: Lilith, in all honesty now, do you believe that Fairies exist? I'm not talking about the ones in San Francisco now... :D
Hey it is my belief... I don't see why people automaticly does not believe in something because they have not seen it yet or seen proof... If any of you are religius and believe in God it has a same foundation. There is no proof in God so why believe? Same goes with ghost and psychic ability. Some people do have an ability and maybe don't realize it or do no share. It is not an ability we see everyday on tv... It has to do with using the part of the brain unactive in most human beings. It is like an extra sense in knowing what could happen. Know in some cases it doesn't happen but in some it does. They did a study on twins were they have this ability of knowing whether each other is hurt or sick in a totally diffrent area of the country or knowing if something is wrong. That is a psychic ability.

Do i believe in fairies? I am not saying either way. I mean the myth comes from some where so something had to occur to make people believe in fairies. And don't bring up drugs and stuff half of that is all hear say from people that think oh they were on something so that is why they see these things? They said that about of lot of things but it ended up they did exist... Such as the Gorilla for example and even the sea serpent which they did discover existed to some extent.

So yeah I can go on I am just open minded to diffrent ideas (to a certian extent)... I rather in SOME cases believe then not believe.
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