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Caption this Cartoon Sketch

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Sometimes I draw sketch pics of Ideas I have and thought it may be fun to add captions to them.
If anyone else has any pics they have drawn, post them for us to caption.
I will start with this pic....you add the captions

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in my best skullboy voice: "Woman, where did you put my beer?" :devil: :D j/k skullboy

LOL fangs....Or is it...Int he best SB voice "I done told ya woman not to hide my beer....now look what ya made me do, now i gotta get up and get them myself."
LOL turtle!

"Um, Mr. DJ, would you mind terribly if I asked you to turn up the volume? My bride won't come down the aisle because she can't hear you."
"Just a few more stitches and your gown will be ready Deaderella!"
1 - 3 of 166 Posts
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