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Caption this Cartoon Sketch

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Sometimes I draw sketch pics of Ideas I have and thought it may be fun to add captions to them.
If anyone else has any pics they have drawn, post them for us to caption.
I will start with this pic....you add the captions

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C'mon in! The dirt is fine!
You always hog my side of the bed!
"Dreadfully sorry to knock on your grave, however would you please point the way to the nearest town?"
I know I'm an entertainer, but I said to wish me broken legs, not to DO IT!
Wow! Only a dollar for this giant fudge popsicle!
See? I told ya there was more than one way to skin a fish!
So that's why they call it Flesh-Eating Disease Bay.... If I had only figured this out earlier...
I threw the bone THAT way Spot! Not there! THAT WAAAAYYY! SPOOOOOTTTT!!!!!
It may have taken all our lives, bt we'll get this prop done to perfection yet!
IS keeping a giant razer by the bed a bad idea?
if i pull this lever and pretend to drink it should open the secret entrance in the ground...

...It was only then that the bony figures happenned to see CLifford the Big Red Dog!
This is from the perpective of a drunk man's eyes when going through a haunted house.
This bike weighs a skele-TON!
His last wish was to have his MM creations placed by his grave.
A devil went down to Gerogia lookin' for a soul to steal...
When's that Scottish guy gonna get here that plays the "bones?"
1 - 20 of 166 Posts
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