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Caption this Cartoon Sketch

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Sometimes I draw sketch pics of Ideas I have and thought it may be fun to add captions to them.
If anyone else has any pics they have drawn, post them for us to caption.
I will start with this pic....you add the captions

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Smell this flower while I do the moon-walk.
Does this suit make my bones look fat?
Every time I come here, I find your grave SOILed!
Honey... you got a little dirt in yout teeth.
Can I have that box when your done with it... I got a new prop idea!
I though I was going to get a sword with this Zorro hat but I'll make the best of this fishing pole I got instead.
I think thier's something in the water here?
Fish "Is there something in my teeth?"
Singing... There's a tear in my beer HEY!!... what the heck is that!?
I asked for a rottweiler and I got a rottedweiler.
Levetation by David Copperfield after death.
The elves 'after life' workshop.

You put your right arm in
You put your right arm out
You put your right arm in
and you shake it all about...
I love these sketches Lilly, keep um comin'.
skeleton 1: Try my shoe...

skeleton 2: NO! try mine
Hi Ho
Hi Ho
Makin' dresses
is all we know
Where's our new picture..... we're waiting Lilly
YES!!! ok here we go.

....and thanks for the spiders on my bed.....
I put a chair out so the monster under my bed will stop breathing up my back!
.....and could you do something about those birds poopin on me while i sleep.....
1 - 20 of 166 Posts
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