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Caption this Cartoon Sketch

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Sometimes I draw sketch pics of Ideas I have and thought it may be fun to add captions to them.
If anyone else has any pics they have drawn, post them for us to caption.
I will start with this pic....you add the captions

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How many times have i told you not to play with your food!
Singing... There's a tear in my beer HEY!!... what the heck is that!?
On the ceiling of the church,Boneangelo paints the creation of man's best friend, feeding on roadkill.
Too bad the Pope wanted cherubs.....
"No! Spot! Guh...We lose more neighbors that way..."
I asked for a rottweiler and I got a rottedweiler.
I threw the bone THAT way Spot! Not there! THAT WAAAAYYY! SPOOOOOTTTT!!!!!
Just as John heard the roaring in the woods, he realized he was the figure in the cave drawing.
Pictionary is no fun when it's only you.
Levetation by David Copperfield after death.
The elves 'after life' workshop.

You put your right arm in
You put your right arm out
You put your right arm in
and you shake it all about...
I love these sketches Lilly, keep um comin'.
The mice having been eaten by the cat,Cinderella gets the undead to design and construct a gown for the Prince's ball.
It is a resounding success,and they go on to design a line of clothes for Target.
"Just a few more stitches and your gown will be ready Deaderella!"
skeleton 1: Try my shoe...

skeleton 2: NO! try mine
The boys were adding the final touches to the life-like and full sized Elvira doll,ready to give her a test run,when Mom walked in and hit the roof.
She still cannot figure out how they bulit all that cleavage with paper mache....
Hi Ho
Hi Ho
Makin' dresses
is all we know
41 - 60 of 166 Posts
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