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Just thought I would publically thank Vlad and Black Cat and their great website terroronbeechwood.com. Using their latex mold method I casted this tomblique of a spiderweb.

The far right web is the original, the middle is the latex mold, and the far left is the plaster cast from the latex mold.

This one is a little closer up view of the latex mold and the plaster copy. I never thought latex Mold Builder from Michaels could make such a great molding latex. I followed the directions pretty much verbatim (I went a little overboard on the talcum powder, but I didn't want it to stick!
Now my 2 questions: Has anyone used Sculpey clay in their latex mold, and then is is possible to make a silicone copy from the latex mold? Would I just use silicone caulk?
Thanks again Vlad and Black Cat!
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