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Cave eyes

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Has anyone ever created the cave eyes effect? You know like in the old bugs bunny cartoons where they'd have the dark woods and blinking eyes looking at them. I've seen instructions for how to do it, but circuit boards and wiring are out of my league right now. I was trying to think about how to do it with just blinking Christmas lights.
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couple of years back before I made a FCG for the upstairs window, I had eyes in the upstairs windows. Just get black construction paper(enought to cover all windows in a room facing the haunt) cut different shaped eyes in a random patten just like warner bros did with bugs. Then cover the eyes with green red and white tissue paper. Assuming you cut the black paper to fit the windows so no light get out around the edges, tape them in place. Use a low wattage light in the room to make the eyes come to life.
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