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Great job so far!! You are probably a more skilled artist than I am, but here's a technique to try. Painting is my weak point so I always try to find a quick and dirty method that seems to work.

What color are you going to make your bricks?? I stumbled on this fast technique for making bricks look real if they are Flashed (Burnt looking brick). Paint em the final color first (Red?) and then get a pan and pour a little black paint in one corner. Use a large sponge on edge (Almost brick size) and dabb some of the bricks with a light touch of black or dark grey ( or even specks of white?) paint. I even tried adding red paint in the other corner and dippy dabbing the sponge around in all the colors to get an even more realistic look. As long as I dabbed the sponge on a test spot first to reduce the amount of paint, it works very well. Flip the sponge around to get some randomness. I was amazed at the result and it's relatively fast. I also resorted to using a regular paint brush to apply paint to the sponge.

I hope the info was useful. Again, you probabaly have an even better technique, but it doesn't hurt to have another way.

Either way I'm looking forward to the final result.
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