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CerysCrow's Sign of the Times Entry

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Additional pics of this entry can be viewed at my Haunting of Ivy Hall Blog.
It's pretty basic, but it suits our "realistic" (laugh), static haunt.

Materials List:

3 pieces scrap plywood left-over from household projects: free
wood pole: $3.00
wood fence finial: $6.00
3 deck screws: $0.30
crackle medium: $3.00, pro-rated
black paint (our tombstone paint): $2.00, pro-rated
cream paint (left-over from painting a table): free(?) or $2.00, pro-rated
tan paint (left-over from painting the dining room): free(?) or $2.00, pro-rated
varnish: $2.00, pro-rated
one computer print out: $0.10

MATERIALS TOTAL: $20.40 (or $16.40 if cream and tan paint are considered free)

Quick How-To:

My husband cut a pointed tip on the pole. He then cut the arrow shapes out of plywood and sanded the edges. Next he pre-drilled a hole into the top of the pole and screwed the fence finial into it.

Next, I painted a base-coat of black paint over all the pieces. After that dried, I applied a coat of the crackle medium on all pieces. When that was dry, I applied a cream topcoat to everything. After the crackle effect occured, and was completely dry, I used the tan paint to give the pieces a further aged effect.

For the lettering, I measured the arrows and set up the text on my Mac. I cut the letters out of the printout and positioned the various stencils on their respective arrows. I used a fine point Sharpie to lightly trace out the letters. Then, using an artist's brush, I painted the letters in black, two coats.

When all the pieces were dry, I applied a coat of varnish to all surfaces.

Lastly, my husband and and I decided where to place the arrows, marked and pre-drilled holes through the post and screwed the signs to the post, from the back. We only used one screw per arrow so that we can adjust the "tilty-ness" of the arrows, as needed.

That's it!
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Simple, clean, classic. Two thumbs up.
Beautiful aged wood paint job! Really looks old & weathered.
Sign looks great.

I like the extra tilty-ness.
I like the use of the crackle medium it really adds to the effect
looks good -mmmmm crackle medium-add to list , lol
Another great prop from you ,
very nice, great color choice.
Perfect spot for it too.
nicely done sign. It looks real good!
yay! a natural wood look! I like the classics. :D
I like it muchly too.
Thanks, guys! I'm really glad that you like it.

Everyone here makes such great things, so your compliments really means alot.
I like it we ll have to play with the krackle paint
Great work CC! Linked over to your site for the first time. Loved it!!!!
Nicely done.
Very professional looking. I like things that have an old world feel to them.
Ok, I just have to say again....your signwork ROCKS! I really liked the "IVY HALL" sign you made last year, and the new signpost looks just as good. Your painting and detail are topnotch. Like Lady Nixie said...simple and clean.... but a first rate job.
Nice job. I like the look..
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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