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Cheap Plastic Chain

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If you need some plastic chain this year Mr. Chain has some 2" link off gold colored chain for 25 cents per foot on a close out. The color is not the best, they call it khaki gold, but with a quick paint job it looks great. The link is about 5/16th of an inch thick, and 2 in. long, so it looks like "real" chain.


Painting the chain is easy. A one gallon milk jug will hold about 50ft of chain. Place the chain in the jug and remember to tie a string onto the end so you can put the top of the jug back on. Add about a pint of paint (flat black enamel) put the top back on (string out) and shake and roll the jug for a minute or so. Open and let the paint drain back into the can (2 or 3 min.). Hang the chain up to dry. It will drip a little so outdoors is best.
I painted 100ft of chain this way an used a little less then a pint of paint.
For a "rusty" look I use a primer red color of spray enamel and a lite brown spray enamel . Just a lite spray of each (as in a dusting) should get the look you want. And if you over did a spot you can hit it with a shot of flat black spray paint. The chain cuts with pruning shears. Normally chain this size can be about $2.00 a foot. (ACE Hdwr).
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I have to admit I like that big blow mold chain, its just very heavy looking. I fix it up a bit with some trick painting.
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