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Cheapo MP3 player update

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Hi all,
I worked out the timer circuit for turning the player on remotely. It can be activated with any dry contact switch (mat, PIR, manual switch etc) as long as no voltage goes to the player. I'll have the circuit for turning it off in a another week or so. I'm getting the circuit drawings done as I go, and will include pics. The first timing circuit looks a bit sloppy - a couple of false starts, and I'm not the best at circuit board layouts. Progress is being made! More to come...
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Yeah thanks Otaku. You've just given me the power of great sound quality at even lower cost than a chipcorder. :D
Looks good, bourno! Is the Prop-1 able to detect the end of the MP3 file to prevent replays? That's the biggest hurdle I ran into - nobody seems to be able to find any info on the player's controller chip. I did find a datasheet on the MP3 decoding chip, but none of the output pins had anything useful for detecting end-of-file.
But if you know the length of the sound file being used, couldn't you program a pause into the prop-1 and then have the prop-1 stop the playback before a replay occurs? Of course, you'd need to change this pause time based on the length of your sound files, which means changing it any time you use a new sound file.
1 - 2 of 72 Posts
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