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Cheapo MP3 player update

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Hi all,
I worked out the timer circuit for turning the player on remotely. It can be activated with any dry contact switch (mat, PIR, manual switch etc) as long as no voltage goes to the player. I'll have the circuit for turning it off in a another week or so. I'm getting the circuit drawings done as I go, and will include pics. The first timing circuit looks a bit sloppy - a couple of false starts, and I'm not the best at circuit board layouts. Progress is being made! More to come...
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Otaku; As you know from my various pleas for help, I've been playing with one of these units, and I noticed that once recorded, they will play a constant loop. Will your "OFF" circuit have the ability to 'time' the play event? Just curious because I'm trying to run Stephen Lynch's "Halloween" through a Scary Terry setup and have'nt quite figured out how to stop at the song's end rather than have it immediately start to play again.
They seem to play well on just about any decent set of amplified computer speakers Bourno, I'm using one on a Scary Terry skull with a split track and had to modify a set of speakers into an amplified mono-setup and it turned out well. You will be really surprised how well these little mp3's record and play! And yes, we love Otaku!
The little mp3's work great with the Scary Terry board. It's what I'm using to drive the one I built, and it operates the servo smooth as glass!
1 - 3 of 72 Posts
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