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Creature From the Black Lagoon vs. King Kong

  • Creature From the Black Lagoon

    Votes: 8 80.0%
  • King Kong

    Votes: 2 20.0%

Classic HMDM Quarterfinals Bout #3

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This is probably going to be my favorite match. It involves to of my favorite monsters slugging it out for primacy. We have in one corner, the amphibious killing machine known as Gillman taking on a 40 ft tall gorilla god known as Kong. Take your seats people, this is going to be an ass-whoopin' of gargantuan proportions. Oh, and cast your votes as well. That is all. :D
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I've said it before, I'll say it again:
I'm all about the Gillman!:D :cool:
OK, I gotta help a monkey out. You know I love you Gill Dude, but Kong is the man - or at least the monkey.
After much thought on the matter, I had to roll with Creech. The ****ing Gillman just looks so real. They're doing a remake on the film, but how can you improve on perfection?
End the remake insanity!:p :googly:
This has been the toughest so far, The Creature wins my vote.
On a related note, RICOU BROWNING , who wore the Gillman suit in the three films, will be at Screamfest in Orlando this year.:cool:
It's amazing how lopsided these things seem to be. I guess we all have the same taste in movies.

This was tough though. Kong is a cool ass movie, but I gotta go with the Gillman. The costume was awesome and the movie itself is quite good too. I have fond memories of watching "Creature" on channel 56 with those cheesy red and blue 3D glasses.
As happy as I am with Gillman's dominance over a giant poop thrower, I gotta admit, I'm surprised by it.
Screw you, monkey!:p :googly:
I have to go with the Creature as well. I just watched this for like the 20th time a few weeks ago on AMC, and it reminded me how much I dig the monster.
Zombie-F said:
It's amazing how lopsided these things seem to be. I guess we all have the same taste in movies.
I don't plan it that way. I thought for sure the margin would be a little narrower with these two Horror kingpins battling it out in this forum. I guess I was wrong. I'm waiting on Tipo and whoever else wants to cast their vote. Since no one chimed in their ideas and thoughts about how we should proceed should a bloody slaughter like this go down, from now on if it's as lopsided as this one and the last one was, then I'm going to proceed and forget waiting until Saturdays. I'll only do that if it's a close match-up. ;)
I'm gonna help the Creature kick the King a little harder. ;) I could just never really get into King Kong, no matter how hard I tried, and the Creature looks so darn nifty.
Damn, Tipo! I never have heard of anyone that didn't like the big ape! :eek:

Be that as it may, Kong is having his monkey ass handed to him by Gills. If anyone has anything else to add, maybe cast a vote to help the big guy out or to bury him farther, you have only a limited time to do so. this sideshow is going to be closing and we're going to move to the next match-up pretty damn soon.
I have to go with Kong. He's a hopeless romatic and will defend her against all odds.
Yeah, a giant monkey is somehow a bigger leap for me to make than an amphibious gillman.

I really can't defend myself on this topic. I can't like the ape, either, though.
Creech gives the monkey the boot. We're now moving onto the final installment of our quarterfinals. This thread is now closed.
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