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That's right folks, sell or trade off your old props in our very own classifieds section. The classifieds are solely for person-to-person sales and trading. They ARE NOT for the following:
  • Commercial sales
  • Spam
  • Links to offsite auctions

Likewise, all posts to that forum are to stay on-topic. No thread hijacking allowed in there. Posts and replies NOT pertaining to the sale or trade of the posted item will be deleted.

It should also be known that any member who abuses that forum by not sending promised money or goods will be banned permanently from the forums.

HauntForum.com nor its moderators are responsible for any items listed in the classifieds forum. If an transaction goes bad, HauntForum.com nor its moderators can be held accountable. Action will be taken against the offending party, but beyond that, HauntForum.com nor its moderators has any power to get your item/money back. Use at your own risk.

With the appropriate warnings and such out of the way, I present to you:

The HauntForum.com Classifieds section.
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