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Cloaked FCG Done!

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Finished the cloaked FCG tonight, hope you like:D

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What's not to like?:) The pronounced head movement is quite distinctive and those hands are to die for.
Looks great!
I love the movement of the head!
As expected, the finished product does not disappoint. Very nicely done!
Great ghost. I love it. Very specterish, eerie.
Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!! Man that is the coolest FCG. Love it and the sounds too!!! Now thats wicked stuff there!!!!
looks amazing :) i have to redo mine next year.. it still looks good but is she is getting tires !!!
Love the range of head motion. And all the motion--I can't believe you get that out of one motor.
Very cool! Love the extra movements of the head and hands!
:jol:Johnny, that is simply amazing!:) Just his movements are remarkable, and the overall look of him is killer. Once again, I am bowing before you.....:D
Thanks everyone! When I started to finish this thing, it started to remind me of the ghost of Christmas future from the movie Scrooged, so I went with it. Son thinks it needs to be bigger so I will probably add a little more cheese cloth to make it look longer. Thanks again!
wow..that is nice..very spooky
As expected Johnny...it looks fabulous! A very nice addition to your arsenal.
Thank you! I have a big upstairs window facing the front that I think I will hang this thing in. That way he will look down at the TOTers as they approach :)
VERY CREEPY!!! the music/sound is great!!
beautiful work! great ghost
The video of your FCG is truly inspiring, Johnny! Makes me want to run out and build 2 or 3 for my yard. Fantastic job!
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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