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Coffin Pop-up

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My first pneumatic prop. I used a Cowlacious sound board and a screen door cylinder. This got lots of scares last halloween. This year's project list is long. We'll see how I do.

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love the lighting and sound effects with it.
I made one in 08 with the same pvc design. Did you have any problems with the pvc breaking?
No, not yet. It was cycled SEVERAL times. So far, so good. I ran it at the least PSI that I could. Seems like it was about 40, but I didn't write it down.
I love the Psycho sound effects - very cool and a nice startle!
I agree. I love that Psycho soundtrack. This is a great prop.

I bought the cd and fell asleep listening to it, and almost hit the ceiling during that part. It woke me up, and I jumped almost out of the bed. LOL!
That's awesome. I so want to make one of these, of coarse I don't own an air compressor yet...
Get one of the instructional DVD's and an inexpense compressor and take the plunge. Scary Guys and Terror Syndicate both have good DVD's.
This one was the PropMaster design.
Great job on that. I just finished mine also and i also used the propmaster design.
This is a great prop. I can see why it was so successful last year!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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