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Colinsuds' Scarecrow Entry

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WEndy our tooth feary (our name to keep the kids away instead of crows :D) Is my entry for the Scarecrow COmpetition. She is made of a tree that my parents have yet to notice has been cut down...but thats ok :D. Anyway here is what she was made of

MAde of:

Duct tape...1.00
Dead Tree (wood)...free (my backyard lol dont tell the parents)
plastic skull...1.00
paint 4 skull...2.00
scarp wood...free
electrical tape...1.00
fake teeth...1.00

Total: 20.00 Canadian

Aprox. 17.83 american

Everything is up on my site:http://pic2.piczo.com/stormycanadiannights/?g=21748805

She stands 6ft and 6 inches

and has a base of 2" by 2"


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Very Creepy Looking, yet simple. I really like it. Good Job Colinsuds
Great idea Colinsuds, looks like half ghost half scarecrow.
Great job Colinsuds, I would not want that flying through my window at night!
Love the way it looks like it is flying! :> Great job!!! :>
looks great...the toothfairy-Ha!!
I LOVE the face Collin. Great job!
looks good Colin
it prob looks good wet too.
my teeth are scared... haha
colinsuds, Wendy the tooth feary (lol I love that name) is seriously creepy!!! Great job!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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