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Feelin' a little bored this morning (ah geez, it's after twelve)... I mean...

Feelin' a little bored this afternoon :D so I thought I'd bring this thread from my board over here. I haven't spoken with any of you (except Sinister) about comics, so I'm not sure how many here are fans, or what they're fans of (except I think Lilith likes Anime... but I could be confusing her with someone else ;) ).

As for myself, I've been a comic fan forever. Recentely though, my tastes have switched a bit and I find myself a massive fan of Alex Ross, Adam Hughes, Michael Turner, and Joseph Michael Linsner. All four are uber-talented artists, IMHO.

Anyhoo, I've done a bit of the 'ol drawing myself, and here's a recent sample of a soon-to-be used cover for a comic that me and a friend are working on, just for kicks.

Anyway... thoughts on the picture? Thoughts on comics? It's all golden, folks -- let's stir up some discussion. :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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