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Concert! 8D

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So I will be seeing Marilyn Manson in August. On the 5th to be exact. I can't wait. My friend and I are going to dress up like zombies. I hope they let us in. :zombie: My family has already had to suffer listening to me rant about this, thought I'd share it here too. :D
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It should be interesting to say the least. I'm also going to Ozz Fest the week after. My brother really wanted to go to that and I got the tickets tonight. They were free. :D
Sounds awesome. I've got three concerts in August. First is Manson, Next is Ozz fest, and then the last one is A Linkin Park/My Chemical Romance tour. All are happening at the same place. I'm extremely excited about seeing Manson though. I'll be obsessing over him until the concert. :D
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