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I've been looking for something to fill the space in my front yard and I think I have found just the thing. I was riding through Ogden, a very historic city with a lot of old buildings, this weekend and saw a sign in front of one of the building with papers posted all over it. I took this idea and adapted to my haunted house theme.

I had an old baby changing table bottom in my garage, went out and bought a couple of 1X3's, painted the changing table's bottom brown with paint left over from making my boarded-up windows, drew-in some "plank" lines and "nails" with a magic marker, a couple strips of danger tape, and there you have it, a condemned sign.

It looks great lit by my spooky lamp and casts some great shadows on the front yard. The lamp on top was just a test and also looked great with a red buld in it. Of course I will add spiders webs to it when I set-up my haunt. I printed-out a couple of "notices" but would like your inputs on what would look nice and creepy posted on my board….ideas??

BTW thanks to everyone for their ideas and suggestion in my other thread "What to do with my front yard".

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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